Let PicoBricks blink at you!


PicoBricks to light up with the press of a button!

Autonomous Lighting

PicoBricks solution to low-light conditions!


Hot or cold? What's the temperature?

Graphic Monitor

Adjusting RGB Brightness with a Twist!

Dinosaur Game

Take the dinosaur to infinity!

Alarm Clock

Wake up with PicoBricks! Remember to press the button or buzzer won't stop beeping!

Smart Cooler

Feel the breeze: Motor fan kicks in at 20°C!

Show Your Reaction

Can you beat the Formula 1 racers?

Air Piano

Have you ever seen a pianist creating melodies with air?

Buzz Wire Game

Look at! If you you touch the wrong place you'll get an electric shock!

Digital Ruler

Learn the distance between you and an object with one click!

Dominate the Rhythm

Press the button to start and twist the potentiometer to change the rhythm of your song!

Know Your Color

It's time to rave to see who can color match the most text!

Automatic Trash Bin

If you want to get rid of your garbage, just wait for the lid to open!

Magic Lamb

Make Clap-Clap!

Maze Solver Robot

Lost no more: navigate mazes with PicoBricks Maze Robot!

My Timer

Tick-Tock! Countdown begins!

Night And Day

Night and day detector: A fun game with light sensor magic!

Piggy Bank

Don't forget to feed your Piggy Bank with your money!

Smart Greenhouse

Make your plant pal!

Smart House

Your house guard: PicoBricks!

Two Axis Robot Arm

LDR-Powered robot arm dances to the melody of light!

Voice Controlled Car

Control of the car at on the tip of your tongue!